Black Girl Magic

Beauty, Power and Resilience of the Black Woman.

Beauty, Power and Resilience of the Black Woman.

Nowadays it seems as if this three-letter sentence has been reduced to nothing but a catchy Instagram caption. Sisters all over the world throw it around so loosely! I have come to the conclusion that we may have somehow forgotten how much power that sentence holds.

Black Girl Magic is much more than a slogan… issa lifestyle, issa movement and a mantra. What we embody cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Black Girl Magic reflects all that we are and, the truth is, Black girls are the blueprint point, blank, period. 

We are creators; from us, all things come into being and flow. We are trendsetters; by being ourselves we set trends with our hair, style, attitude and energy. We are originators who are often duplicated but rarely credited for the magic that we have unintentionally created.

There are three dimensions to Black Girl Magic, so let me break this down;


Bold hair, wide hips, brown chestnut eyes, plump lips, honey dipped and to top that off we come in all different shapes and sizes. It is crazy that once upon a time our features were subject to ridicule and humiliation, now everybody is trying to get their hands on it. What we possess is now high in demand.

Our Black Girl Magic transcends beyond physical beauty because we are just as amazing on the inside and guess what? our vibe is not sold separately.  We have an essence that cannot be imitated. It doesn’t matter how many times they try and copy our hair or attempt to recreate our flair. 


We are a force to be reckoned with because we make statements by being ourselves. Widely scrutinized, criticized, misunderstood and underestimated yet we stay ten toes down and never fold. This is one of our many superpowers. Our vibe is rare and our spirit is one of a kind. Trace our roots as far back as history will allow and this will  certainly be found as true. The power that only we possess is linked to our magic and that magic can only be found in our DNA.


The resilience that we have, and often display, can be both a blessing and a curse. We are praised for being strong and surviving whatever comes our way. We continue to thrive in the face of adversity generation after generation. Whenever we fall, we always get back up and how we do it I will never know. We are beacons of strength; the backbone, the comforter and the healer to those in our lives and within our community. We are the heroes that go unrewarded but somehow, we manage to find a way to shine.

This is what it means to possess Black Girl Magic. It is much more than a catchphrase for the culture. You are wearing a crown! A crown that represents the black girls before you and those who will certainly come after.

Our black girl magic is attached to a regal legacy and today I encourage you to never forget who you are or the lineage that you descend from.

Know your worth, understand your value and ALWAYS remember to add tax every single time.

Never settle in life or in love.

Go forth, ascend higher and revel in all that Black Girl Magic sis.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love




A Travel & Lifestyle blogger with Jamaican and Guyanese
roots based in South London

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