That body-ody-ody (#selflove)

You’ve been excused. You’ve been excused from all the self-doubt, negative and too-hard-on-yourself-chit-chatter you’ve relayed to your mind, body and soul.
Knock that shizz to the side. Your harddrive is full. Access denied. Storage on overflow. 

When was the last time you had a good ole stare at yourself in the mirror? No,I don’t mean to check your hair, touch up your lipstick or adjust your outfit. I mean when have you really stared back at yourself in awe? What do you see, who do you see? What’s running through your mind when you see yourself? Your beauty, your image and all its glory?

When I see me, I see beauty, class, sass, the dopest piece of Ghanaian chocolate that I’ve ever seen! But not before I’ve critiqued this and that to the third degree…

This was my outfit yesterday sans bulky cardigan (my friend insisted I show off and he promptly removed the cardigan). 
Voila! The unnecessary pressures we place on ourselves was released!

Though I will say that once removed, I felt free and any ounce as my chocolate melanin tempered and glistened under the “hot” Canadian sun. 
I’ve had my share of body image struggles,  more specifically as I’m in a continuous process of learning how to manage fibromyalgia symptoms. 

You might be wondering how I’m currently feeling now that I am looking at these images of myself. First, I’m sexy and I know (*clap your hands*). Second, I’ve been staring at my phone all day waiting on that Nike and Puma endorsement lol! 

Self-love/body-love is a process and journey all on its own. I’m here for it because I know that I’ll never walk it alone..

How do you love the skin you’re in? How do you counter moments of negative chatter or self-doubt?

P.s. it’s Ama-Vee.

Toronto based Kizomba addict. I can’t drink coke without lime. I think Llamas are chic in their own dusty kind of way. Sometimes I eat popcorn for breakfast. Ambassador of self-love, social change advocate, personal manager for @deejaynana, connector and creative. 

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